Concrete Coatings in Clinton, IA

Have the floors of your home or commercial property in Iowa begun to degrade? When you’re tired of putting up with unsightly cracks, powdery concrete, or missing pieces, you don’t have to go far to find a quality upgrade—just contact TSR Concrete Coatings! Our Clinton concrete coatings are designed for quick application but lasting results, with installations done and ready for regular drive-on use in just 24 hours. Available in your choice of material, color, and texture, our concrete coatings make a significant improvement to nearly any flooring application in Clinton:

  • Garage Floor Coatings
  • Residential Floor Coatings
  • Commercial Floor Coatings
  • Industrial Floor Coatings

Strengthen Your Household Floors With Durable Garage Floor Coatings

In the variable climate of Clinton, your garage floors see wide temperature fluctuations throughout the year. Are they prepared to handle these extremes? With the garage floor coatings of TSR Concrete Coatings, your floors will be able to take the heat and the cold—as well as heavy impacts, water, UV rays, and more! A long-term warranty ensures top levels of performance far into the future.

Custom Residential Floor Coatings for Polish and Sturdiness

They may have been originally made for the garage, but our polyurea and epoxy floor coatings are also perfect for the other challenging environments in and around your home. From the basement to the pool deck, we’ll work with you to personalize our many residential floor coatings, choosing the best texture and color blend for aesthetic appeal and reliable performance. Because they’re so strong, they require minimal maintenance and will ease your household cleaning burden!

Enhance Your Commercial Flooring in Clinton

Providing a safe work environment is your responsibility as a business owner, and TSR Concrete Coatings can help you do just that with our line of commercial epoxy floor coatings. While the antiskid surfaces prevent slips and falls, the special scientific formula stays strong against extreme temperatures, abrasions, and impacts. Because our commercial floor coatings can be installed in just a day, you won’t have to wait for a safer, tougher work space!

Maximize Productivity With Safer Industrial Floor Coatings

Similar to a commercial environment, any industrial space in Clinton must prioritize safety and efficiency above all. Because our industrial floor coatings are resistant to damage from chemicals and abrasions and can take the heavy weight of large machinery, they’re great for the following applications:

  • Machine rooms
  • Factories
  • Food production areas
  • Warehouses

Grab a Precise Quote Today for the Best Clinton Concrete Coatings

Whether your concerns are primarily related to safety, style, or value, TSR Concrete Coatings offers the professional concrete coatings service you can rely on. We’ll work closely with you to make sure you get the perfect end result! Contact us by phone or online form today to schedule your free on-site design consultation and quote.