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Gary M.

Very good. This the second time I had work done. This crew was also on time and polite and conscientious. They did their best to minimize the mess and dust. Still there is some dust throughout the house which is just the reality of the job I guess. They completed the job thoroughly and paid attention to details - the floor had some difficult spots to get to and they did a nice job with it all. So thank you! Only negative comment was for some reason they unplugged our refrigerator and freezer in the adjacent area that was there while the floor was being done. I assume the breaker popped and they tried to reduce load on the circuit or something. But they never plugged it back in. I only noticed it the next day by accident. Those could have gone days unplugged before we moved things back without knowing it. I think stuff stayed cold enough but that could have been a big loss in food. Thankfully I caught it. I realize it was simply an oversight on their part and they may not have realized what was on that circuit. But it is worth communicating and asking.

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