One Day Floor Coatings

TSR Concrete Coatings offers epoxies, urethanes, polyureas, and polyaspartics floor coating systems. Designed for garage floors but functional for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

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TSR Headquarters

205 Evergreen
Lena, IL 61048
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Chicago North Shore

Chicago North Shore

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1630 Commerce
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Garage Floor Coatings

In a room as roughly treated as your garage, trust TSR Concrete Coatings for a floor that exceeds your expectations of strength and style.

Residential Floor Coatings

From basements to pool decks, our wide-ranging selection of floor coatings guarantees the right look and functionality for any space.

Commercial Floor Coatings

Whether you need easy cleaning for a kennel or chic flair for a showroom, our floor coatings bring low-maintenance style and durability.

Industrial Floor Coatings

Factories and warehouses require specialized flooring—let us make your workplace safer for employees and more resistant to heavy impact.

Your Local Experts in the Art and Science of Flooring

TSR Concrete Coatings offers an extensive selection of innovative floor coatings for nearly any residential, commercial, or industrial application. From premium polyurea to cost-effective epoxy, our floor finishing systems offer the perfect combination of heavy-duty strength and customized style. In just a single-day installation, our floor coating technicians can bring the following benefits to floors in your home, office, or industrial space:


Why Trust TSR Concrete Coatings?

Our scientifically formulated floor coatings fit nearly any application and can be installed by our skilled team in a single day.

Advanced Chemical Formulas

Designed by experienced flooring experts, our floor finishes are made for maximum durability, resilience, and weather resistance.

Highly Skilled Technicians

We work with trained employees who share our company commitment to exceptional floor coatings and on-time, hassle-free service.

Single-Day Floor Coatings

The days of slow, expensive floor coatings are over. From epoxy to polyurea, we can finish nearly any coating in a single day.